Monday, December 8, 2008

OSMOSIS JONES - He's one cell of a guy!

Osmosis Jones is a popular Hollywood movie shown in many science and health classes. And with the wonderful technology we have, the internet can help our students. Here is a wonderful site called, The Internet Movie Database. This can be used in all content areas. The site has a search engine. You can search by movie tittles, companies, characters, and more! You can find photos, trailers, plot summaries, and even cast overviews.

I think the trailers are wonderful. It provides some background knowledge in pictures to what they've been learning in class. For students who struggle remembering the movie, the trailers can be used as a review.

The photos can be printed by right clicking on the picture and saving it on your computer. Depending on the level of your student, the pictures can be used for sequencing or triggering memories to write a sentence about an isolated event in the movie. They can even be used by mildly impaired students to get them started in the writing process of a summary or report.

Please remember that your school has to purchase copyright permissions to use movies in your classrooms.

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Susan Raihala said...

Wow, Jen, this is a great site! I'm coming back when I get more time to browse, but I thought I'd just let you know that my first born is on an IEP for a math learning disability and my second has PDD-NOS, mildly affected. He's in mainstream K right now, with pull-outs for special ed, ST, OT, and PT, plus he attends a stepping stones class at a preschool where his teacher has an MA in early childhood and has done amazing things to accommodate Jack. He also gets OT/ST/PT from our local children's hospital.

I think special ed teachers TOTALLY ROCK! And it's so cool to know that's your field!